Pharmacy and Billing and Accounts Receivable Alignment
Hospitals frequently lose revenue as a result of inconsistencies between the pharmacy and BAR systems. The Wellington Pharmacy Data Management Program, designed for MEDITECH users, resolves these issues through a thorough analysis and on-site correction process. It is designed to identify and correct most common pharmacy billing problems. The program is developed and intended to be completed in as little as two weeks, with only one to three days of on-site support required. Wellington, in conjunction with key hospital personnel, will compare and update data elements in both the Pharmacy and BAR modules that impact the appropriate billing of pharmacy products. A sample list of elements include; revenue codes, HCPCS codes, line item descriptors, and drug code multipliers. Wellington’s staff has created a process that utilizes a data management program that compares the Pharmacy data elements to the corresponding BAR line item elements (CDM) to discover discrepancies and correct while on-site. We also validate that all of the elements required from the pharmacy system flow through the batch transfer that typically occurs at midnight.

Parameters evaluated include the following:

  • Revenue code assignments and correction when appropriate.
  • HCPCS code assignment and correction when appropriate.
  • Assignment of missing codes (HCPCS/CPT).
  • Multiplier assignment assigned in BAR.
  • Descriptor revision/update including dosage, brand/generic name when appropriate and route of administration in both BAR and PHA systems.
  • Comparison of pharmacy system line item charges with line item charges in BAR to identify and correct duplicate entries, missing entries and discrepancies.
The Wellington Pharmacy Data Management Program allows the Provider to compare and correct drug line item charges in the BAR and Pharmacy systems and perform real time on-site corrections and updates. After the discrepancies are corrected, Wellington will identify each of the corrections made along with the potential annual revenue impact in a detailed management presentation. Once the process is completed, you will have the training, tools and knowledge to become self-sufficient in performing this process yourself.


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