Remittance Denials Management Workflow and Tracking Software
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DenialsNavigator™ is a unified denials management solution that combines automated workflows, comprehensive reporting and root cause analysis to streamline your process and reduce denial rates. Data driven triggers, based on payer, CAS code, remark code, diagnoses, procedures, etc., identify each denial and assign the appropriate workflow to route it to the department(s) that can best address that denial and determine the root cause. DenialsNavigator™ ensures that all denials are being addressed, measures the impact on the organization and reduces future denials through root cause analysis. The system supports all denials (both claim level and line level), all payers and multi-entity organizations (e.g., hospitals, clinics, practices). When combined with AuditNavigator™, DenialsNavigator™ incorporates audits with denials for unified reporting of all denials to management.

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