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The Wellington Group, LLC (Wellington) is a healthcare consulting and software solutions firm that helps hospitals nationwide to improve their financial and operational performance. Our approach combines consulting services delivered by our clinical and financial experts with unique software solutions to improve your coding, billing, charge master, compliance and revenue cycle processes. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how Wellington can assist your organization.

 ICD-10 Coding and Financial Impact Analysis Reports 

Ambulatory Revenue Manager™

Identifying Lost
Outpatient Payments

Wellington's Ambulatory Revenue Manager™ (ARM) identifies claims with lost APC payments resulting from uncoded, unbilled and inappropriately coded services. The software has been used to recover millions of dollars for hospitals nationwide. Now your hospital can use the software on a daily basis to prevent lost payments.

The software analyzes each claim by day of service using thousands of edits based on CPT®/HCPCS guidelines, program memoranda and the results from thousands of chart reviews. Date-specific versions of each edit reflect the codes in effect during each time period. The edits are updated quarterly by our clinical staff of coders and nurses.

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AuditNavigator™ / RAC Guard™

Addressing The Entire
RAC Life Cycle

Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs) and other audit contractors will probably cost you money, not only in paybacks to CMS, but in additional effort and resources. The costly processes that you will implement to address the RAC can also be used to help generate additional reimbursement.

Wellington's AuditNavigator™ module can reduce the cost of audit support while our Ambulatory Revenue Manager™ (ARM) generates additional reimbursement.

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